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Quaid-E-Azam Speech

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The speeches and statements of the Quaid-e-Azam speak for themselves. Through these he laid down the blue print for national
survival. Addressing legislators, students, armed forces, business community, administrators, workers, lawyers and the public, he
encouraged them to stand steadfast during the difficult times ahead and thereby guided them for the future.

“I have been watching with increasing grief and concern the orgies of violence in the Eastern Punjab which have
taken such a heavy toll of Muslim lives and inflicted indescribable tragedies on hundreds of thousands of Muslims.
I know that no words can bring solace to our suffering brethren across the Frontier of Pakistan in this hour
of their terrible trials. Nor am I ignorant of the grave unrest that those outrages have quite naturally created amongst the Muslims
of Pakistan putting their patience of the severest trial. It is because I realise all this and my heart is also deeply grieved that I
consider it my duty to call upon the Muslim to temper their resentment with reason and to beware of the dangers which may well overwhelm
their own State should they allow their feelings of the moment to gain mastery over their actions”

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