Aiou past paper for auditing course code 481 for the semester spring 2015. The students of take this course. Auditing has great importance for the commerce students. Some people think that this subject is related with accounting, no doubt it has link with accounting but in sense of checking and confirmation of proper managing of account. This subject has different dealing than accounting. We are using the following tags for this old paper, aiou old paper code 481, aiou past paper code 481, aiou old paper code 481 spring 2015, aiou past paper code 481 spring 2015.

This old paper spring 2015 code 481 has eight questions and students needs to solve only five but it compulsory to solve the last questions we mean questions # 8.

In the first questions it is asked what it means by audit and what the objectives of auditing are. Second question is about verification and needs the step to verify the plant and machines. The third question is about vouching, what techniques can be used by the students when they are verifying the vouchers about cash sales and dividend income. The fourth questions needs to describe internal control to control the cash receipts and payments. The fifth question requires the merits and demerits of continuous audit. The sixth question is very important because is relevant with annual report, what are the procedures to submit the report to the shareholders of a public company. The seventh question important for the auditor point of view, because of liability of misfeasance. The last eight question has two parts one is explaining some key words and the second part of this questions is about making checks on true or false.

At the end please find here above mentioned past paper for this code 481.

Spring 2015 old paper code 481 Auditing


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