Aiou Past Paper Statistics-1 code 394 2011

Past Paper Statistics-1 code 394 2011

Fill in the blanks

  1. The purpose of the sample is to draw inference about (population).
  2. The (pie chart) diagram is a division of circular region into different sectors.
  3. The Greek letter u is used as a symbol for the (population mean).
  4. A data having least C.V. is considered more (consistent).
  5. A set that contains no element is called (singletan or unit).
  6. A set representing all possible outcomes of a random experiment is called ( Sample Space).
  7. A random variable is called (Discrete) if the set of values it takes is a collection isolated points on a real line.
  8. if ‘c’ is a constant, then E(c)=C
  9. A trail having two possible outcomes is called (Bernoulli).

Past Paper Statistics-1 394 2011

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