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Aiou Solved Assignment 2 Code 1424 Compulsory English II


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Q.8 Take a newspaper of any weekend and find out on which page the following items are found. Attach that newspaper with your assignment.

International news, Business news, Sports news, TV schedules, Weather forecast, Domestic news, Editorials, Stock market, Reviews, announcements.

Course: Aiou Solved Assignment 2 Code 1424 Compulsory English II Level: BA/BS Semester: Autumn, 2016

The News section is always first in a newspaper. News is the reason for the existence of the newspaper so it makes sense that this would be featured most prominently.

The front page is usually devoted to stories from the local community, state, national and international news events. The rest of the section will offer both national and international news.

Next there is a local news section devoted to newsworthy stories from around the region or city the newspaper covers.
A news story always has a lead, which is the first couple of sentences of the article. The lead will always include the most important details of the story: who, what, where, when, why, and how. One can find out what has happened by only reading the lead of an article.

Aiou Solved Assignment 2 Code 1424 Compulsory English II

News stories are also supposed to remain objective. The standard of objectivity refers to the prevailing ideology of news-gathering and reporting that emphasizes eyewitness accounts of events, corroboration of facts with multiple sources and balance of viewpoints. Following the local news is the opinion section. Here, the objective, non-biased style of reporting is exchanged for opinion based editorials.

An editorial is a type of journalism article that is meant to persuade the reader to think a certain way about an issue. Editorials can be written about local, national, or international issues. The opinion section will usually include editorials written by prominent national writers. Also included in this section is letter to the editors, where readers are able to get their opinions and viewpoints about issues published in the paper.

Editorial cartoons are always a significant part of this section as well. An editorial cartoon, also known as a political cartoon, is an illustration or comic strip containing a political or social message that usually relates to current events or personalities. Editorial cartoons can usually be found on the editorial page of most newspapers, although a few, like Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury are sometimes found on the regular comic’s page.

Then is The Sports Section of a newspaper features information on local sports events, including high school sports teams. Also, college level sports are covered in this section, both on a regional and national level. National sports leagues like the NBA, the Major Leagues, NHL, and the NFL are featured on a regular basis.

Different days of the week will usually emphasize different sports events. You are more likely to see national teams featured after a weekend when there are more sporting events.

Further is The Entertainment Section of a newspaper has feature articles that can focus on different aspects of culture. Human Interest stories are most likely to appear in this section. A human interest story is a feature story that discusses a person or persons in an interactive and/or emotional way.

It presents people and their problems, concerns, or achievements in a way that brings about interest or sympathy in the reader or viewer.


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