Old Paper Code 394 Statistics-I 2015

Old Paper Code 394 Statistics-I 2015

Fill in the blanks .

Old Paper Code 394 Statistics-I 2013 Autumn

  1. sum of the random errors equal to (ZERO)
  2. if midpoint of the tops if the consecutive bars in a histogram joind by stright lines a (FREQENCY POlYGON) obtained.
  3. A good average should not be affected by (EXTREME) values.
  4. A data having least C.V. is considered more (CONSISTENT).
  5. Geometric mean is a suitable average in (chain base) method.
  6. A (COMPOUND) event contains more than one element.
  7. he numbers of subsets of a set containing n points are (EQUALLY LIKELY).
  8. Random variable is also called (CHANCE) variable.
  9. The probability cannot exceed (one).
  10. The shape of binomial distribution depends upon the values of (S.D).      
  11. IMG_20150926_094547

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