The University of Oxford located or situated in Oxford, U.K

The University of Oxford located or situated in Oxford, U.K

The University of Oxford located or situated in Oxford, U.K. This university is also called Oxford University or just Oxford only and is established in 1096. This is the oldest university of England and reputed from 1167 when the English students are refused to take admission in the University of Paris. University has four academic divisions along with complete range of departments, consisting of 38 constituent colleges. All colleges are managed through self governing program under the supervision of University. Approximately throughout the week students attend the tutorials in the colleges with the supporting of classes, lectures and laboratory, university factuality helps the students in these all. University awards so many scholarships e.g Clarendon and Rhodes. Chancellor lead the university and masters were known as universtias or corporation in the year 1231. In the era of King Henry III year 1248 University was granted as royal chartered.

The University of Oxford located in U.K

In initially Students are categorized geographically in to two major nations Northern and Southern but later on, this difference was removed and now students can take admission without any discrimination.
New start was taken by the university in the end of 15th century and onward which majorly affected the Oxford. The name of scholars of old university were William Grocyn, and John Colet, Mr William played very important role in the revival of Greek language studies while Mr. John Colet known as biblical scholar.
Major administration decisions were taken during 19th century when one major reform was taken which includes replacement of Oral text with written admission test. In 20th century four major women colleges were established. Knowing about Ancient Greek was must for admission until 1920 and Latin Language until 1960.
In 1879 first women college “Somerville College” was established where only women could take admission but now in this college both men and women can take admission. Notable in 1974 all men colleges were allowed to give admission to women.
University invested heavily for providing facilities and made entrance of the Chemistry Research Laboratory, sheldonian theatre and concerts hall. University has the following facilities libraries, museums, university press, clubs, societies, and notable alumni. University is offering degrees in politics, mathematics, sciences, literature, music, drama, religion, philosophy etc.
The head of the university is called Chancellor and chancellor is elected by the convocation members, which is consisted on all graduates of the university. The chancellor holds the office until death. The designation of chancellor is just titular figure, at the moment Lord Patten of Barnes is the chancellor.
The admission to the interested students is given through UCAS application system and students can apply for admission only for one university out of Oxford and Cambridge.
For more detail you can visit office website of University of Oxford.

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