past paper statistics-1 code 394

past paper statistics-1 code 394

Fill in the blanks

  1. A variable that takes numerical values is called (Quantitative) variable.
  2. The area of each bar is proportional to the frequency it represents.
  3. Sum of deviations from mean is always ZERO.
  4. A data having least coefficient of variable is considerable more Consistent.
  5. In aggregative both quantities and prices are used.
  6. A set containing only one element is called singleton or unit set.
  7. E(X)=∑xf(X), if it converges absolutely.
  8. A random variable is also named as a chance variable.
  9. The binomial distribution is symmetrical distribution if p=q-1/2.

10. Binomial distribution is used when n is SMALL.

Old Paper statistics-1 code 394


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