Past Paper Statistics-I (394) Spring 2011

Past Paper Statistics-I (394) Spring 2011

Fill in the blanks.

  1. Sum of random errors equal to (ZERO).
  2. A (FRIQUENCY POLYGON) is a closed geometric figure used to display a frequency distribution graphically.
  3. (MODE) is defined as the most frequent value in a data set.
  4. A measure of dispersion is (called seatter).
  5. The changes in whole sale and retail price are studied in ( PRICE NUMBER )
  6. Two sets A and B are said to be ( OVERLAPPING ) sets if they have no common element.
  7. A (compound) event contains more than one element.
  8. A random variable is called (COUTINUOUS) if the set of values it takes is an entire interval on the number line.
  9. A random variable is also named as a ( CHANCE OR STOCHASTIE )

10. Mean, median and mode for binomial distribution will be equal when ( P=Q). 

Past Paper Statistics-I Spring 2011


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