Peking University is the main university of Beijing city of China. The main campus of University is called “YAN YUAN” which is located at the district of Haidian near Yuanming Yuan Garden and Summer Palace. Peking University has top, outstanding and excellent faculty consisting of 53 academies of science, 7 of engineering and 14 of 3rd world academy of science.

University has outstanding position in research of scientific subjects which are equipped with personnel training that has high and specialized knowledge in their special field.



Peking University was incorporated in 1898 with the name of “IMPERIAL UNIVERSITY OF PEKING”. Peking University BeijingIt was and is the first leading institution in high education in China. University changed its name from Imperial University of Peking to Peking University in 1912. From start to now university is playing very important role in spreading the modern education not only in China but also in the whole world without any consideration of developed, undeveloped and underdeveloped country. It is important to explain here that Peking University is serving the students of overseas.

Currently Peking University has so many departments from where it is leading the educational world. The courses which are being offered by the University are Mathematic, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Psychology, Earth and Spaces Sciences, History, Archaeology & Musicology, Philosophy, Foreign Language, Art, Economic, Education, Management and many more.

Non Chinese students can apply to get admission that has good health, valid passport, having age more than 18 years, and have knowledge of Chinese Law and regulation and have respect for Chinese Social customs.

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