solved assignment #01 1424 autumn 2014

Solved assignment #01 1424 autumn 2014

Solved assignment course code 1424

Q 1(A): Read the text given below. You would notice some words are written in bold. Try and guess the meanings of these words through the context. (10) The fifth polio case of 2014 surface in the city when an 18 month, old was reported to have contracted the virus in the Gaddap (Karachi) area. According to the Anti-Polio Cell, 18 month, old Ayaz Rasool was not administered polio drops.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended that Pakistanis travelling abroad should present polio vaccination certificates. The recommendation was put forward as Pakistan has failed to eliminate the polio virus. (The News)

(B): Find out the topic sentence of the paragraph given above.

— (05)

ANSWER A:           
.WordMeaningWord               Meaning
poliovaccinationpolio injectioncertificatesrecords or document

ANSWER B: Topic Sentence of the Paragraph
The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that Pakistanis travelling abroad should present polio vaccination certificates.

Q 2: Here is an exercise to test your skill in choosing the correct simple present tense word. Fill in each blank with an appropriate form of verb. (15)

Vly brother -.

— (like) this Cl) very much.

2. —(travel) in China this summer.
3. ‘We—– —–(go) to lunch now. Would you like to join us?
4. We always (visit) Grandmother on Sundays.
In this photo, we (play) volleyball on the beach.
6. I (play) tennis every clay’.
7. My father can’t come to the phone now. Hc———(take) a shower.
8. My father———-(work) as an accountant in a big company.
9. 1think this pen–——-(cost) Rs. 80.
10.1 can’t play online games now. My brother— —(use) the computer to
do his homework.
1I.You- (do) your homework now?
12. This photo was taken when 1 was t#PItSJbJ494jx–—-(carry) me on his shoulders. 1dOtQStab bee.,,

13. People always(buy) newmobile phones.

14. Can you see Sana? She—-——-(stand) at the bus stop.
15. You still—- (watch) TV?

1. My brother likes this CD very much.
2. He travels in China this summer.
3. We egoing to lunch now. Would you like to join us?
4. We always visit Grandmother on Sundays.
5. in this photo, we are playing volleyball on the beach.
6. I play tennis every day.
7. My father can’t come to the phone now. He is taking a shower.
8. My father works as an accountant in a big company.
9. i think this pen costs Rs. 80.
10.1 can’t play online games now. My brother is using the computer to do his
I 1.You are doing your homework now?
12. This photo was taken when 1 was three. My father is carrying me on his
13. People always buy new mobile phones.
14. Can you see Sana? She js standing at the bus stop.
15. You still !rewatching TV?

Q 3: Write a ‘Descriptive’ paragraph (not more than 100 words) about a visit to a library. (10)
Answer: A visit to a Library
I study in the college. The college library is a big one. it has over 50.000 books in it. I wanted to get an English grammar book so I went to the library. The library is a huge hall and is divided into sections with glass partitions. It has a reading room and one room for the librarian and the staff of the library. Different sections in the hail are meant for different kinds of books which are placed on iron shelves. All kinds of books are available in our school library. I visit the library very often because it is a charming place. I sit and read a book in my free period. The library plso contributes to a number of magazines and newspapers. Our librarian is a kind man. He helps us locate the books we need.

Q 4: Read the text on pages 67-68 about the famous poet “Ahmed Faraz”. Do exercisel3 given on page 69 in which you have to write a ‘sequence or chronological paragraph’ on the famous poet “Ahmed Faraz” using appropriatesequence markers as given in the exercise. (10)

ANSWER: Chronological paragraph’ on the famous poet b*Ahmed Faraz” Ahmed Fraz was born in Kohat on January 14, 1931. Initially he studied in Edwards College Peshawar and then did his masters in Urdu and Persian from Peshawar University. Next he started his carrier as a script writer at Radio Pakistan. After that he moved to the teaching of Urdu in Peshawar University.

In 1976, he became the founding director general of Pakistan Academy of Letters. Later on he went into self imposed exile during Zia-ul-Haq era and afterwards he was arrested for certain poems criticizing military rule. At last he stayed abroad for six years before returning to Pakistan. Ultimately he was appointed the chairman Academy of Letters and letter Chairman of National Book Foundation. Followed by Ahmed Fraz had been awarded with ‘numerous national and international award. Subsequently he was awarded Hilal-e-lmtiaz in 2004. Meanwhile he returned the award in 2006 disappointed by the government and its policies. Consequently his health continued to get worse. Finally he died from Kidney failure in a local hospital on august 25, 2008.

Q 5: Co to pages 77-79. Read the long classification essay on `Compute•’. After

reading the essay carefully, answer the following questions. i. How many types are there of computers? ii„ What is the use of the Micro Computers? iiii. For what purpose, we use Mini Computers. iv. To which category the Mainframe computers belong. v. What is the role of Super computers in our life? ANSWER:

  1. There are four types of computer. a. Micro computer b. Mini computer c. Mainframe d. Super computer


  1. “Flit Micro Computers are often used by a single person for single activities. iii. Mini Computers are used when large groups need access to data simultaneously. iv. Mainframe computers belong to the category of powerful computers that have more access to storage space and to input and output devices. v. The role of Super computers in our life is to process the requirements of advanced research projects by engineers, scientists and by other research fields.

Q6: Read the classification essay ‘Animal Kingdom’ on pages 83-84. Solve the exercise on pages 85-87. (10)


The living world

Animal ( Plant Kingdom Kingdom I

Fungi Kingdom

Protista Kingdom

Monera !Kingdom

Q 7: Go to pages 126, exercise 10. Read the first paragraph that is about grandfather. Highlight the connecting words of transitions that show Cause and Effect relationship (10)

ANSWER: (I) Why (ii) even though (iii) because (iv) as a result (v) due to (vi) and (vii) that (viii) therefore (ix) rather than (x) also.

Q8: Read the Unit 4 “Cause and Effect” carefully and solve the following exercises in the Unit: i. Exercise 3 on page 113 is given in order to help you recognize the causes and effects.. Underline the statement, which are a Cause and its Effect. (10) ii. Read the Cause and Effect test on page 114 on Alicia and solve ‘exercise 4 on the top of the page 115 accordingly. (10)


ANSWER: Is Cause or Reason 1. The funny joke that Saeed told 2. Because of the sudden rainstorm 3. The bright sunlight made it possible for us 4. My alarm didn’t ring 5. The slippery road 6. If you study well for your English exam 7. If. you get on the lift 8. If you will wear a warmiacket


Effect or Result made us laugh out loud. road flooded. to keep warm in such a freezing weather. so I was late for office. made the car slide. You will get an A. It will take you to fifth floor. You will not be cold

Cause or Reason

Effect or Result

  1. The comedy drama ‘Atiqa 0’ was not successful. 2. Due to a very low enrollment.
  2. Freddy’s Cafe at Lahore received gloving reviews. 4. The tourists misplaced their passports. 5. The plane was delayed. As a result. 6. Because the soup Nvas very hot. 7. Due to a misunderstanding.
  3. Since she’s a very popular singer.
  4. Because of heavy traffic. 10. There is shortage of water in the country.

The producer decided not to make a sequel. Dr. Hafeez’s course will be offered only once a year. Conseq uently, more people wanted to try its recipes. They had to cancer their trip to Hunza and Skardut h id to await for five hours. I burned my tongue. My job application was turned down. She is recognised by everyone in her city. Ubaid was late for work. The people are advised to use water sparingly.

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