Q 01:
I) Conclude End
II) Practice Run
III) Support Back up
IV) Equipped Armed-geared
V) Offensive Rude
VI) Discard Trash
VII) Permitted Given the green light
VIII) Obtain Get
IX) Termination Wind-up
X) Retain Hold/keep up

Q 02:
i) This is to inform you that your book has been rejected by our publishing company as it was not up to the required standard, in case you would like us to reconsider it, we would suggest that you go over it and make some necessary changes.
ii) The cricket world cup is a widely expected social event it is an unwritten rule that the spectators attending the matches are in their best attire especially ladies who dress up elegantly and wear expensive sun glasses. The world cup is an event which people want to attend and be noticed.
iii) In life, we may come across certain hurdles and problems that make us frightened and nervous but we have to be patient and steadfast and try to do our best.

Q 03:
First boil milk and reduce it to half, then add chopped almonds pistachios etc. in it. Afterward sift flour with baking soda and salt on a day board. Next make a hole in the center and soon after break an egg in it, now mix it with dry hand, second roll it and followed by making small balls. Later, out them one by one into the milk. Meanwhile boil them for two to three minutes. In the end cool them and carefully take them out in the serving bowl. Lastly serve them cool.

FOR QUESTION # 04 click here

Q 05:
i) Infectious diseases are caused by microorganisms or germs like bacteria, parasites viruses etc.
ii) Infectious diseases spread from person to person and through bite of insets or animals or by taking contaminated food or water.
iii) Infectious diseases cause more death than any other single cause.
iv) No, all germs are not harmful.
v) Our immune system protects us against infectious agents.

Q 06:
Cause: Due to running for a long time.
Effect: Atif was very thirsty.
Cause: Because of rain
Effect: Her clothes were all wet
Cause: Because of earthquake
Effect: Cause much causality
Cause: He studied hard
Effect: And passed the exams
Cause: Reading
Effect: Effected his eye sight.

Q 07:
Cause I: The were demanding increase in salary
Cause II: There was a shootout in the hospital
Cause I: People throw cabbage on the roads.
Cause II: Due to bad drainage of heavy rain there is water pollution in the city.
Cause I: He forgot to bring him back from the school
Cause II: He got very late due to heavy traffic jam on roads.
Cause I: Some misunderstanding has develop between them.
Cause II: One of them was cheated by the other.
Cause I: He kidnapped the child and was caught.
Cause II: He robbed the bus and was jailed for it.

Cause I: He was sleeping so he couldn’t hear the bell.
Cause II: He couldn’t hear the bell as he was watching TV loudly.

Cause I: Because she was not feeling well.
Cause II: She got an emergency call from home.
Cause I: I forgot to charge the batter last night.
Cause II: My nephew played games on my mobile and finished it’s charging.


Q 08:
A huge population of our country is illiterate. They can’t play any positive role in the society. Most of our people are poor. They can’t send their children to schools. The result is that many children remain illiterate.

In our villages, most of the people are illiterate, so they are unaware of the importance of education. That’s the reason, their children go without education. Then our far of schools have very poor facilities. The result is that any children leave schools.

Many poor parents do not send their children to school because they need more and more earning hands to earn their living. Illiteracy causes very bad effects on the progress of society. Illiterate people cannot do much for their family as week as their country. Un-educated people are a burden on the economy of a country. They can play no role in the progress of their nation.



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