Aiou solved assignment 1 code 207 for the subject English 1 compulsory for the students of matric of Open University Islamabad. Matric English solved assignment 1 for the course code 207 spring 2016 with solution of all questions of this assignment.

Q 01:-
I- WHAT:- What is your full name please?
II- WHERE:- Where do you live?
III- WHO:- Who is with you?
IV- WHY:- Why you are going to city?
V- WHEN:- When you will return from city?

Q 02:-
1) ALLAH DAD FROM BAHAWALPUR:- My name is Allah Dad from Bahawalpur. I am twenty five years old and was born in Bahawalpur. I am married and have a one-year –old son, Rahat my wife is a house wife. We live in Hyderabad city along with my husband’s family.
2) ZUBAIDA FROM TURBAT:- My name is Zubaida. I am Thirty years old and was born in Turbat. My father owns a small shop that deals in local handicrafts. I am married and have two sons, Ali, Ahmed. My husband is a small landowner, and grows mangoes in a small orchard. I may become a school teacher.
3) AASHIQUE FROM THATTA:- My name is Aashique. I am twenty-four years old and was born in Thatta. I have a small shop that deals in local handicrafts. I sell “Ajraks”, Sindhi and Balochi embroidered mirror work dresses. I am married. My wife name is Asia. She is house wife.
4) MIR HASSAN FROM GHARI DUPATTA:- my name is Mir Hassan. I am twenty-six years old and was born in Ghari Dupatta. I am a small landowner, and grows crops in a small orchard. Now we live in Hyderabad city with my family. I am married and have one son and one daughter. My wife name is Maleeha. She is house wife.
5) YOUNIS FROM MANSEHRA:- My name is Younis. I am sixteen years old and was born in Mansehra. I have taken admission to the matric programme of the Allama Iqbal Open University. My parents are extremely supportive of my education and he wants me to study for at least a Master’s degree, so that I may become a banker.

Q 03:-
Miss Asma is a lecturer in a college. She teaches us English. She wakes up at six in a the morning and immediately takes a shower, she then wakes up her two children, and goes into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Later on she wakes up her husband, meanwhile she gets dressed and joins the family for breakfast. She lives in Iqbal Town Lahore. After wards her husband drops the children at school and then drives down to her college. Miss Asma and her husband take the evening tea at around five pm and then all of them go for a short walk at the Iqbal Park. Miss Asma likes to read different books.

Q 04:-
1) I want to shift to a new house because the landlord has increased the rent.
2) I am not satisfied with my previous location.
3) I need a little bit bigger house as compare to previous house.
4) New house would be well furnished and presentable.
5) I need that new house which is nearby my job area.

Q 05:-
1) Six laws does Arifa has in her family.
2) Sara is getting married.
3) The wedding ceremony scheduled is to take place in December.
4) Arifa is very busy.
5) Arifa’s father in law is bed ridden.

Q 06:-
i) Because clean surroundings keep us physically and mentally fit.
ii) As in Pakistan there is too much unemployment.
iii) Since all official data have transferred in computerize form so it is essential to get computer training.
iv) Because metro bus I very economical and comfortable.
v) As show the difference between public members and faculty members.

Q # 7 – 8 – 9

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