Aiou solved assignment 1 code 386 F A English compulsory for the semester spring 2016. The assignment of this code 386 for English compulsory is complete and full solved by us and you can write and share with your class mates and friends.

Q 01:-
i) I am fine thank you, and how are you?
ii) Great yours?
iii) You too good morning.
iv) Thank you, it’s nice to meet you too
v) Hello Shah, how are you. Please meet her, she is Sara.
vi) Sara is a banker. She came from Lahore to attend marriage party here.
vii) I am little bit busy in my study.
viii) Have you take your lunch?
ix) Good night.
x) Ok, good bye, take care, Allah Hafiz.

Q 02:-

Name : Muhammad      Asad           Mehboob
Surname           First          Middle

Address:       06 009,         POF Wah Cantt.
Street            Post office Box.

Wah Cant           Punjab           0091
City                Province           Postal Code

Q 03:-
i) If you feel comfortable, can we go outside?
ii) If you don’t mind, can I leave early?
iii) If you don’t mind, can I join you?
iv) Excuse me, can you give me a favor, is it a problem if I don’t do the dishes?
v) If you don’t mind, can we leave early?
vi) If you don’t mind, can if leave now?
vii) Sir, smoke is dangerous for me, can you smoke outside please.
viii) If is it possible that you have to drive slow?
ix) Can you go outside to play?
x) If it is possible so please can you go to watch movie?

Q 04:-
i) The teacher has a few eccentric (Strange Character / عجیب) habits, such as always wearing black and never wearing socks in winters.
ii) After the heavy rains, the stream became Murky; (Muddy / دھندلا) in fact, the water was so cloudy you couldn’t see the bottom.
iii) The debris (Rubbish / ٹکڑے) on the stadium floor included numerous paper cups, ticket stubs, and cigarette butts.
iv) The coach takes every opportunity to censure (Find Fault / ملامت) his players, yet he ignores every opportunity to praise them.
v) The newlyweds agreed to be very frugal (Careful / کفایت شعار) in their shopping because they wanted to save enough money to buy a house.
vi) Although Alex usually looks unkempt, (Dirty / الجھا ھوا) he had a very neat appearance at his job interview.
vii) I’m look for a unique (Unusual / بے مثال ) gifts for my cousin; he appreciates unusual things.
viii) Expecting that his license would be renewed, the pilot was surprised when it was revoked (Dismiss / مسترد کرنا) instead.

Q 05:-


Uzma is my friend. She is fifteen years old. She is very beautiful with dark brown eyes, and black hair, she is slim like a model. She likes to wear Shalwar Kameez and dupatta. Her dresses are usually in blue color, that’s her favorite color, by behavior she is very polite. She doesn’t like to play cricket.

Ali is my brother. He is twenty years old. He is five feet, nine inches. He always wears Shalwar Kameez. He is very social person. He dislikes rude and dishonest people by nature he is very courteous.

Hassan is my student. He is in grade 2, he is very good in study. Hassan is very jolly and social boy. He likes to play cricket and tennis. His body language is polite. His feeling about other peoples are very positive.

Sara is my cousin. She is sixteen years old. She is very beautiful with dark brown eyes, and black hair, she likes red color. She likes to watch movies by temperament. She is very jolly. She is very courteous by nature. Her feeling about other peoples are very positive.

SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 1 CODE 386 Q # 6 – 7 – 8

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