Q 01:
i) I like white dresses but I do not like yellow dresses.
ii) I enjoy movies but avoid theater.
iii) I love biryani however I dislike noodles.
iv) I love poetry but hate fiction.
v) My hobby is reading books but I disgust wandering.
vi) I like ‘pan’ but I disgust cigarette.
vii) I appreciate hard work on the other hand I condemn wasting time.
viii) I adore festival but avoid roaming.
ix) I detest clerical job but I appreciate hardworking job like engineering.
x) I like the progress for the control of overpopulation but dislike unemployment.

Q 02:
Study: I have made up my mind to study till late hours.
Meet a friend: I am thinking of meeting a friend this Sunday.
Clean my room: I have decided to clean my room on Friday afternoon.
Watch TV: I intend to watch TV at night.
Pray: I have decided to pray regularly.

Q 03:
Description: It’s a beautiful city, it is over 40 degree over there most of the time. Last year during my visit in summer I got fed up.
Preference: I really don’t like spending summers over there. I prefer cold weather on warm.
Probability: I think I should postpone my tripe. May be it will not be so hot in Bahawalpur next month.
Stating Intention: I am planning of having a trip to Bahawalpur this weekend.
Talking about past: Last year during my visit in summer I got fed up.

Q 04 A:
You are standing at Bond Street at signal crossing. Cross the signal and move towards round crossing. After reaching on round crossing, turn to the right. It is King’s road, you will find underground station at the right corner. Then there is a road toward Green Street. Moving forward you will find a small café. Next to it is Italian restaurant. When you move back and reach round crossing, you keep moving straight. After crossing this round crossing on King’s road, you will see a theatre on the left corner. After a few steps, next to it is cinema.

Q 04 B:
Examination Hall,
November 20, 2015

Dear Jolly!
I hope my letter will find you in best mood and good spirit. I am very well and how are you? Have you settled in London? London is very expensive city.

Today I am celebrating not only for you but for me as well. This is the day you wre born, the day you came into the world destined to be my best friend. I know it was destiny because no one else could take your place and fill that special niche.

I wish you happy birthday. On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy, you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! My you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Say my Salam to all family. See you again.
Your friend

Q 05:
i) From where di you come?
ii) What did Nida do?
iii) How is your mother?
iv) Why did you drink juice?
v) When did he reach home?

Q 06:
Akhtar! Tomorrow is my birthday, please do come.
Would you please come to university with me?
Please join me, I am going to mosque.
Aslam! What are you doing this evening? Would you accompany me seeing theater this evening?
Sir, would you like to come to the classroom? The students want to learn something.

Q 07
Name: Muhammad Ali Malik
Father’s Name: Muhammad Akhter Malik
N I C # : 35406-9222222222222-2
Date of Birth: 15.04.2000
Domicile: Rahim Yar Khan.
Academic Qualification: F A First Division.
Computer Literacy: I T Diploma
Experience: Two Year (Clerk in School).

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