Q 01:


Every year sports day is celebrated by us in our school. Parents and teachers jointly organized it. On this day many games and sports activities are organized by us. Different sports activities are participated by the children. Prizes and medals are won by them. Hence, this day is enjoyed by the children with great fun. Physical and mental health of the children is improved by the sports. Such activities are also supported by the parents in the school. All the students like the cricket game but mostly senior students play it.


Q 03:


  1. I like to watch dramas on TV after evening and novels are not my choice.
  2. Oranges are my favorite fruit but I eat mangoes with little hesitation.
  • I prefer drinking tea at least twice a day and never coffee.
  1. Eating cheese feels me healthier one and butter increases fat.
  2. I like playing cricket and prefer it over all other games.
  3. I always prefer to keep a wallet rather than a briefcase being too heavy.
  • I love using a laptop beause I can keep a lot of stff with me.
  • Samsung smart cell phones are very attractive and have wonderful features especially smart phones.
  1. I admire wearing sunglasses which make the personality very attractive.
  2. My best choice in food is cooking my own meal as it protects me from many stomach problems.

Q 04:


  • Ans: I’m going to Lahore on this weekend.
  • Ans: I am going to do engineering in the next year.
  • Ans: Yes, I am going to Murree on the next weekend.
  • Ans: I think my friend will be playing Cricket in the evening.

Q 05:


                Can you write an essay for me?

  1. I can do it because I have a special grip on this topic. (Giving Permission)
  2. Sorry, I’m very busy today. (Refusing Permission)

Can I have your book for the weekend?

  1. You can take it as I have read it. (Giving Permission)
  2. This is one of rare books and I haven’t read it yet. (Refusing Permission)

Can you lend me some money?

  1. My father has sent some yesterday and you can take it. (Giving Permission)
  2. It will be difficult because the expenses have already exceeded the budget limit.

Can I have some more time to complete the task?

  1. Yes, you can have 5 more minutes. (Giving Permission)
  2. No, Time relaxation is not allowed. (Refusing Permission)

Q 06:


  1. I was so tired that I couldn’t sleep.
  2. She spoke very quickly, I couldn’t understand her.
  • His eyesight isn’t very good. He can’t see very well.
  1. She can’t go to the university tomorrow. She’s not well.
  2. He couldn’t attend the meeting last week. He was sick.

Q 07:


  1. The changing seasons : We are lucky to enjoy four seasons in the country.
  2. The Clean water : the clean water is a great blessing of the God.
  • The clouds : If there were no clouds there would have been no greenery on the earth.
  1. The Green Fields : This reminds me to thank God for Whole of my life.
  2. The Fresh Morning air : I remain delightful for the whole day after doing morning walk.

Q 08:


  1. He told that he was a banker.
  2. She told that she was cooking dinner.
  • He informed that he had gone to Islamabad last week.
  1. Zia told that he would give Tariq a call.
  2. He told that he has visited London twice.

Q 09:



Fact:                      There is a white building in the photo.

Opinion:               I think it is a Mosque.


Fact:                      There are two person in the yard.

Opinion:               I think both are females.


Fact:                      some colorful patches are present in the yard

Opinion:               I think it is design of marble in the yard.


Fact:                      The two persons are wearing black clothes.

Opinion:               I think they are females wearing veil.


Fact:                      The picture in the scene is dark.

Opinion:               I think it is taken in the evening.

Q 10:


I think I visited my favorite city Lahore about 10 years ago. The day I visited the Lahore I was very happy and excited. My parents decided to spend a few days in Lahore. We left for Lahore in the morning by our own car. We travelled on Motorway M2 and for the first time I saw the motorway. We reached Lahore in about 5 hours. This was the city I saw in dreams. I have heard about famous places of       Lahore. We all stayed in the Hotel for night. On next morning we left to visit Lahore. The city is really beautiful and historic. First of all we visited the Badshahi Mosque and Iqbal tomb. This was a symbol of Mughal dynasty. Then we moved for Lahore museum and zoo. We got tired and returned to hotel. In the evening we took dinner from Food Street. Next day, we enjoyed the visit of Shalimar garden and many other famous places. We spent two days there are returned home. We really have a lot of fun and it was my first visit to my favorite city.


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