Aiou Solved Assignment 2 Code 1423 Compulsory English



Q 1: Answer
(i) For every tragedy, there is a possible happy ending.
(ii) Perhaps that was the answer.
(iii) Dinner is almost ready.
(iv) Are you quite certain about his success?
(v) He will definitely pass the exam.
(vi) She is likely to be in race tomorrow. It is likely to be fine.
(vii) They are certainly aware of what their son is doing.
(viii) This was an area where he undoubtedly knew best.
(ix) In fact the government is doing nothing for people.
(x) There is surely somebody in the house.

Q 2: Answer
(i) His exam result was being discussed by his professor.
(ii) The vase was broken by Mr. But when he walked a through the stores.
(iii) A careless student had left these books in the classroom.
(iv) These bottles cannot be opened easily by children.
(v) Jerry always beats Tom.
(vi) The repairs are being made by the workers all month long.
(vii) All the homemade biscuits were eaten by my son.
(viii) The police had blocked the streets.
(ix) A mechanic is repairing my car.
(x) Yesterday, someone stole my books.

Q 3: Answer

Examination Hall,
May 31, 2014

Webster High School,


Dear Sir,
Reference your advertisement published in The Daily Dawn Dated 15.05.2014, in response to the advertisement, I offer my services for the post of senior English teacher. I have passed master in English in first division. I am teaching English in various schools since six years in Islamabad. I hope that my experience of teaching would be useful for your school. If appointed I shall work hard and shall produce best results.

I will be really thankful to you for this kindness.
Yours Obediently.

Q 4: Answer
(i) When are you going to visit me again?
(ii) At what time is Tahir going to phone you tonight?
(iii) How long is your friend going to stay here?
(iv) At what time are you going to get up tomorrow?
(v) How long are you going to play?
(vi) What is she going to cook for dinner?
(vii) Where are you going next year?
(viii) Why is he going to write a letter?
(ix) To whom is she going to ask for help?
(x) When are they going to arrange trip?

Q 5: Answer
(i) Can I read your newspaper?    =    Why not? You can.
(ii) My I use your book?                =     Yes, you can.
(iii) Would you like to give me some money?  =   Of course you can.
(iv) Would you please take me new bicycle?  =    All right, you can take next month.
(v) Would you please give me some help in studies?   =  No problem, I shall help.

Q 6: Answer
(i) A fit healthy body is gift of god.
(ii) No doubt the caring family is the blessing of god. Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family.
(iii) The very spring and root of honest and virtue lie in good education.
(iv) Well paid jobs inspire the person to work with zeal.
(v) Obedience the key of happy life.

Q 7: Answer
(i) He told that he lived in Peshawar.
(ii) She told that she had visited London twice.
(iii) He told that he had gone to Peshawar previous week.
(iv) He told that he was going to find new job.
(v) Mr. Khan told that he would call Jameel.

Q 8: Answer
(i) I opine we should hire a DVD for weekend to enjoy.
(ii) It is advised to everybody to attend the class regularly.
(iii) I suggest you to take notes in the class.
(iv) I recommend you to study hard to get through exam.
(v) I purpose you to ask question in the class.
(vi) You must work hard to get good grades.
(vii) I urge you to participate in class.

Q 9: Answer
FACTS                               =                 OPINION
Kashmir is the main dispute between Pak & India.   =    Kashmir issue must be solved according to the
Resolutions of UNO.
She had no money.     =      Money can solve many problems.
Parents love their children         =      Parents try to educate their children.
One of my good friends is Ali.    =     Friends in need are friends indeed.
My father paid for my education.     =   You have the education and experience.


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