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Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) solved assignment  BA, Compulsory English, Book code 1424, Spring 2016 is available now according to AIOU pattern, for more AIOU assignments available on the website.

Q 01:-


  1. Mutton is the meat of goat and sheep while beef is meat of cow and calves.
  2. Sugar is sweet but taste of salt is bitter.
  • Lemon is smaller and sour whereas orange is bigger, less sour and more sweet.
  1. Kidney beans are beans shaped like kidney and black beans are soybeans.
  2. Brown bread is made up of entire wheat grain which is high in vitamins, minerals and proteins whereas white bread is made up of only the endosperm which is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Hence, brown bread is considered healthier than white bread.

Q 02:-



  1. Both are women.
  2. Both are young.
  • Both are beautiful.
  1. Both have white color.
  2. Both are wearing open and wide neck shirt.
  3. Both have folded arm on the chest.



  • Women at the left has straight hair whereas the other has curly hair.
  • This women is wearing necklace on the other hand second is wearing nothing.
  1. Woman on the right is wearing shawl but the other is not.
  2. The women on left has worn shirt of square neck and the other has round neck.
  3. The picture of first lady is drawn inside and the other at outside.
  • Background of first picture is black and there is scenery at the back of second.
  • This lady has picked a lamb whereas the other has folded her arms empty.
  • Lady at left has long fingers on the other hand the fingers of second lady are rather shorter.
  1. The first lady is wearing hair band but second is not.


Q 03:-


Words = Meanings

Privacy = secrecy

Blackouts = Clampdown

Emerge = Develop

Checked into = Tested for

Distinct = Separate

Foremost = Leading

Disorder = Sickness

Host = Crowd

Hypnosis = Hypnotism

Subdued = Passive


Q 04:-


BOOK – 1

  1. It is a book about the travels of Gulliver.
  2. These are traveler’s tales.
  • There are some adventures in the book.
  1. We see a city with tiny people.
  2. There are some typical funny jokes in the book.


BOOK – 2

  1. This book is for teaching of students with disabilities.
  2. It is a book for making online teaching accessible.
  • This book is written by Norman Coombs.
  1. It is a guide to online teaching and learning.
  2. It was published on August 26, 2010; and have 192 pages.


Q 05:-


  1. Window glass has been broken into pieces. The glass is shattered all over the living room and mother is crying and going to punish Ali.
  2. Ali left the room to escape from punishment. Accordingly mom did not received any reply.
  • Ahmed is upset because he is unable to fly kike. It is known to my whether conditions explained. Ahmad dropped his kite.
  1. Mom is planning to do something else. She offered Ahmad sandwich to change his mind.


Q 06:-



Dog:- A dog connotes shamelessness or an ugly face.

Home:- Home suggests family, comfort and security.

Smart:- Negative connotation is clever.

Politician:- Politician has a negative connotation of wickedness and insincerity while statesperson connotes sincerity.

Terrorist:- Extremist.

Pig:- The pigs in the novel connote wicked and powerful people who can change the ideology of society.

Owl:- An ancient wisdom and keen observation

Bright:- Perky.

Protest:- Gripe.

Soldier:- Brave.


Q 07:-



The national beard and mustache Championship was sponsored. 18 different categories were held in the championship. The contesters were asked to follow their rules. The winner was awarded the trip to next year’s championship. The medals were awarded to top three of each category. Some people are serious in growing hair and have secret techniques.


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