Solved assignment 2 course code 1424

ANSWI IR Q 1: (A.): (i) Opinion (ii) Fact (iii) Opinion (iv) Fact (v) Fact

ANSWLR Q 1: (B): Please cut this article front original assignment and paste in you answer sheet and then write these

I: The writer purpose to write this article is condolence and carelessness of bureaucracy.

Ii: The tone of the writer is positive.

Read the statements given below which are taken from, in advertisement. Write whether it states a fact or an opinion about the product.


Q2: This is too much easy question just you pick any English news paper from the Bazar and cut the following news or advertisement.

1: Weather forecast news

2: Columns written by the Editor

3: Bad News e.g news of any Accident or blast etc.

4: Cut a piece of Job Advertisement.

5: Good News e.g Pakistan Cricket Team won the match.



Q 3: Go to page, 151, exercise 2. Read the given paragraph in the exercise and fill in the missing information in the table given at the page 152 by comparing and contrasting aeroplanes and helicopters. (It) ANSW   Exercise No. 02 Aen planes Transition

1: Aero planes have long slender bodies with wings.

On the other hand

Helicopters have round bodies a n d propelers rather than wings.

2: Aero planes travel extremely fast reaching speeds of over 1875 miles (3000 kin) per hour

On the other Hand

Helicopters move at n Ach slower speed than aeroplanes.

3: They need a lot of space for takeoff and landing.

On the Other Hand

Helicopters require a cry small takeoff or landing space.

4: Aeroplanes take off horizontally and can more in forward direction

On the Other Hand

Helicopters take off vertically can more in any direction.

5: Airplane regularly carries several hundred passengers.

On the Other Hand

Most helicopters carry only 2-5 passengers.


Q 4: Go to pages 200-201, exercise 9. Answer the questions given at the page 202.

ANSWER: Part 1. I think the ‘writer does not belong to Pakistan or India but is a Foreign National.

Answer: Part 2. (i) Waters means: is stating the greatest displays (Flag ceremony) at Wagah border.

(ii) This was a beautiful display between two opponent nations


Q5: On pages, 238-243, there is an article on the life in the Indus Valley. Read the article-and solve the exercise 9 at page 244.

ANSWER:1 Homes: comforting, quite large, open courtyard in the center and stairs leading to roof.

Beautiful:   Buildings made of clay bricks, strong beams, bathroom having drain into

Transports: Slow moving bullock carts.

Trade: Timber, ivory, pottery, silver and gold.

Employment: Loading and unloading of cargos, boating and caption of ships.

Skills: Potting, bangle and ornament making.

Religion: Citadel was the center of religion, great bath had religion significance.

Cloths: Fancy dresses etc.

Q 5: (B) Answers:

(i) Now ship use marine navigation equipment (compass)

(ii) The valley had a strong central government that ruled the towns and when the towns were first built, they were all planned by the same people.



1= my mother wrote an application to school saying I was too sick to come to school.

2= My father gains weight very quickly and every time lie weights himself, his weight has gone up as much as 20 pounds and he looks chubby.

3= I am still a student so when it comes to giving present to my family OH special occasions I have to be thrifty.

4= When I die and buried, I imagine that my body will decompose.

5= the coach thinks that his rules are essential part of game and that make him strict.

6= though my brother worked hard to be noticeable in the football team, IT play was average.



  • It means that cloth of same colors may be washed at 40C in one time.
  • Parking is not allowed in this space or place.
  • Someone or some people gone for lunch and `will return after 20 minutes.
  • Someone wants to complain to his teacher or senior.
  • It says that proper mixing of eggs should be carried out.



1-. Play with friends.

  • She wishes she had friends.
  • She wanted to be last one.
  • They `-were surprised at how good tier drawing was.
  • She liked her school.

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