Q 01:
1) Food : I enjoy cooking food (Like)
I don’t prefer to eat rice (Dislike)
2) Movies : I love to watch action movies (Like)
Romantic Movies look boring to me (Dislike).
3) Songs: I like to listen classical music songs. (Like).
I hate pop music songs. (Dislike).
4) Friends: I feel happiness to make friends. (Like).
I hate the selfish friends. (Dislike).
5) Cell Phones : Smart cell phones attract me (Like).
Cell phones destroys a lot of our time (Dislike).
6) Restaurant : Restaurant are a blessing at hilly areas (Like)
I don’t recommend restaurants being very costly to hire.
7) Colour : I like blue color (Like).
I dislike yellow color (Dislike).
8) Dress : Shalwar Kameez is my favorite dress (Like).
I feel uncomfortable in pant shirt (Dislike).
9) Park: I feel myself healthy in in parks (Like).
There is a lot noise and wastes in parks (Dislike).
10) Hairstyle: Hairstyles make the personality very attractive (Like)
Hairstyling damages our hair (Dislike).

Q 02
According to my opinion extroverts lead a beautiful and busy life. This is because extroverts are those people who are social by nature, love to socialize and arrange parties, like to make friends and other fun related activities. They are doers and remain busy in such activities. Also the friends circle expands with time which improves the personality traits and they become very approachable influential people. They become very informed persons because they like to share things with friends and they are interested in people and social news. They are good with people and love the public dealing jobs. The most important quality of the extroverts is that they love crowds while many people run away from crowds. Most of the sports personalities are extroverts and they like sports and recreation activities.


Q 03:
The simplest definition of an adjective is that it is a word that describes or clarifies a noun. Adjectives describe nouns by giving some information about an object’s size, shapes, age, color, origin or material.

o It is a big table. (Size).
o It is a round table. (Shape).
o It is an old table. (Age).
o It is a brown table. (Color).
o It is an English table. (Origin).
o It is a wooden table. (Material).
o It is a lovely table. (Opinion).
o It is a broken table. (Observation).
o It is a coffee table. (Purpose).

i) Neat and clean ……… Kitchen
ii) Black……………….hair
iii) Intelligent…………Student
iv) Sweet………..Memories
v) Rude………..Attitude.
vi) Healthy………..Brain.
vii) Excellent………………Performance.
viii) Delicious……………..Meal
ix) Informative…………magazine.
x) Beautiful …………. Eyes.

Q 04:
Located in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, the Kalash people live in three isolated mountain valley: Bumboret (kalash:Mumret), Rumbur (Rukmu), and Birir (Biriiu). These valleys are opening towards the Kunar River, some 20 km south (downstream) of Chitral.

The Birir valley opens towards the Kunar at the village of Gabhirat. A pass connects the Birir and Bumboret Valleys at about 3000 m. The Kalash villages in all three valleys are located at a height of approximately 1900 to 2200 m.

The region is extremely fertile, covering the mountainside in rich oak forests and allowing for intensive agriculture, despite the fact that most of the work is done not by machinery, but by hand. The powerful and dangerous rivers that flow through the valleys have been harnessed to power grinding mills and to water the farm fields through the use of ingenious irrigation channels. Wheat, maize, grapes (generally used for wine), apples apricots and walnuts are among the many foodstuffs grown in the area, along with surplus fodder used for feeding the livestock.

Historically a goat herding and subsistence farming people, the Kalash are moving towards a cash based economy whereas previously wealth was measured in livestock and crops. Tourism now makes up a large portion of the economic activities of the Kalash. To cater to these new visitors, small stores and guest houses have been erected, providing new luxury for visitors of the valleys. People attempting to enter the valleys have to pay a toll to the Pakistani Government, which is used to preserve and care for the Kalash People and their culture.

Q 05:
Geographical location: Texila, 35.40 km from Rawalpindi. It is located 31 kilometers Northwest of Islamabad on Museum road, which takes off from the Grand Trunk (G.T) Road at the round about (Chowk) marked with a board for Heavy industires Taxila (HIT). The Museum Road is also known as Khanpur Road among the locals. The present day town of Taxila is a couple of kilometers further along the G,.T. Road, from the turning.

Historical Importance: Taxila is the one of the famous archaological site in the world. At sometime it was center of Buddhism, world’s famous Gandhara sculpture and the center of learning and culture. At Taxila, you can see the great Buddha. The other people you can meet at Taxila are Alexander of Macedonian, Asoka the famous Buddhist king and Kanishka. You will find their imprints all over the place. In 327 BC Alexander conquered the Taxila which was Achaemenian Empire. The great Kushan Dynasty was then established in 50 AD, and in these 200 years Taxila became the most renowned center for philosophy, art and learning. Taxila is the great attraction for the pilgrims and tourists from China and Greece. The final period of the Taxila in the fifth century AD when white Huns snuffed out the most successful and great Gandhara civilization of last several centuries. Taxila is the one of the famous archaeological site in the world.

Q 06:
Rich Richer Richest.
Poor Poorer Poorest
Cool Cooler Coolest
Happy Happier Happiest
Busy Busier Busiest
Funny Funnier Funniest
Bad Worse Worst
Good Better Best.
Intelligent More intelligent Most Intelligent.
Beautiful More Beautiful Most beautiful.

NOUN: Ayesha, Butterfly.
PRONOUN: She, it.
VERB: Walk, saw, sit, enhance, watch, flew, cried, disappoint.
ADJECTIVE: Beautiful, pink, colorful,
ADVERB: Slowly, away.
PRPOSITION: in, on, of, to
CONJECTION: when, which, so, and.

Q 08:
1) You: Shazi, come and join me to watch movie at Centaurus.
2) You: Asad, why don’t you come and join me over a cup of coffee.
3) You: How about joining me for lunch at officer’s club.
4) You: I was thinking if you all can spend a few hours with me in the part.
5) We would be delighted if you can attend the wedding anniversary of my parents.

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