Q 01:
1) Writers
• I adore descriptive writers.
• I dislike persuasive writers.
2) Films
• I am fond of historic films
• I hate horror movies.
3) Dresses
• Shalwar Qameez is my favourite
• I especially dislike shirt paint.
4) Books
• I like religious books
• I disgust fiction books
5) Foods
• I love Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and juices.
• I dislike extremely roasted food.


Q 02:
i) I love eating parathas on Sunday.
ii) My sister doesn’t like cleaning her room
iii) My brother enjoys playing football.
iv) My parents don’t like want us to go out a night.
v) My niece hate reading adventure.

Q 03:
Extrovert people: Extrovert people are warm, funny and energetic. They are the life and soul of any party. They make relations with new people. They are happy to share their thoughts with others. Extrovert people have a wide circle of friends. They love crowds and fond of partying. These people like to share things and personal detail. Introvert people: Introvert people like to remain isolated. They don’t like socializing and partying. They hate disclosing personal detail. They remain reserved and observant. They don’t like outing and gathering. They love to stay at home and like loneliness. They adore working environment that is quieter and private. They remain evolved in their own.

Q 04:
1) The cancerians people like to be at their homeland.
2) They enjoy the company of their family.
3) They love to mix with all sorts of people.
4) They are socially great successful.
5) They often day-dream.
6) The cancerians like to establish a state of fantasy.
7) They take pleasure in art and cooking.
8) Cancerians prefer friends who are honest and loyal.
9) Cancerians are very patriotic.

Q 05:
i) Multan is the fifth largest city of Pakistan.
ii) It has an area of 133 square kilometers.
iii) It is located on the banks of Chenab River.
iv) Its tehsile’s are Multan city, Multan Saddar, Shujabad, Jalalpur pirwala.
v) Its main language is Punjabi dialects including saraiki.
vi) Multan is known for its sufis and saints.
vii) It is famous for its bazaars, mosques, shrines and ornate tombs.
viii) It is the birthplace of Friduddin Ganjshakar.
ix) Its main crops are wheat, cotton, sugarcane, mangoes citrus, guavas and ponegranates.
x) Its weather is very hot including mild winters.

Q 06:
1) Tourist
2) Ticket Reservation Clerk
3) Travel Agents,
4) Tour Operator tourist
5) Tourist Guide

Q 07:
Ans:            MY VILLAGE SAIDPUR
 Geographical location: Situated on the slopes of Margalla Hills in Islamabad. The village inclining on the slopes of Margallah Hills presents an attractive view in soft light of morning and evening.
 Historical background: It is one of the oldes villages of Pakistan. More than five hundred years old Saidpur Village is known for its heritage, history and folklore.
 Folk Tradition: The village is known by the love sotires in their folklore that have been immortalized by signers, reciters and storytellers of the regions.
 Social customs: Are heterogeneous group comprising of different tribes, clans, communities and are known to celebrate each and every tradition of their culture.
 Languages: The languages spoken are Urdu and Punjabi. Some people also speak Pahari and Photohari.
 Literature: Early literature was written in Shahmukhi by scholars and saints. The epic Heer Ranjha was written in Punjabi by Waris Shah 1722 – 1798. The language itself is very ancient and has a rich history of literature and writing.
 People: The people of Village are very warm hearted and fun loving.
 Education System. Student of a village elementary school practices writing on his note-book folded like a “Takhti” while his buddy writes on actual takhti. However being near to Islamabad, people go to capital for higher studies.
 Personalities: the villagers believe in cast system but as now people are getting educated, the differences are getting blurred. Some popular casts are Jats, Maliks, Mughals, Arains, Gujjars, Awans, Rajputs, Gakhars, Khokhars, etc.

Q 08:
i) This sofa is cheaper than the old one.
ii) Trains are slower than aero planes.
iii) I bought the best shirt that was in the shop.
iv) In this classroom there are more girls than boys.
v) Ali is the youngest child in the family.
vi) That TV set is the biggest of all.
vii) You are safer here than there.
viii) Fifi is the prettiest among our cousins.
ix) This is the more exciting film I have ever seen.
x) Tim is more talented than peter.

Q 09:
i) Come Ali with me, I am going to eat ice cream
ii) Dear grand ma, it is very exciting outside come sit outside in the sun.
iii) Would you both aunt and uncle like to go to Murree with my family.
iv) Come all of you to watch cricket at my home, it will be very thrilling.
v) Hello niece and nephew! To go to the park with you.

Q 10:
i) Of course I shall like to go to the picnic on Sunday morning. (Accept)
ii) Sorry I shall not be available on Sunday morning. (Decline)
iii) No dear I am preparing for examination (Decline)
iv) Surely, I shall like to join you for a cup of tea after the class? (Accept)
v) No, I have to take my mother to the doctor. (Decline).


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