Aiou solved assignment 2 code 207 for the semester spring 2016 English Compulsory 1. The solution of this assignment 2 code 207 is in complete form. For spring 2016 English compulsory 2 code 207 for matric is now available in full.

Q 01:-
i) I like pink and blue colors.
ii) Quaid-e-Azam and Molana Tariq Jamil is my favorite personality.
iii) Razzia Butt and Ashfaq Ahmed is my favorite writer.
iv) I was fond of tennis and cricket.
v) I like informative films “Taray Zameed Par” is my favorite film.
vi) I like Qurat-alain Baloch and Fahat Fateh Ali khan.
vii) Shalwar Kameez is my favorite dress.
viii) I love English and Math’s.
ix) I like teaching and medical field.
x) I am fond of biryani and kheer.

Q 02:-
My favorite room is our drawing room. Drawing room is the most important room in my houses. It is the main meeting place for the family members. All of us have many happy memories of times pent there, such as eating delicious dishes for special occasions on Eid, Birthdays and weddings. During troubled times when endless and comforting cups of tea in the middle of the night gave me company, ordinary daily events such as marking breakfast on dark. Cold winter mornings for sitting down to enjoy reading the morning paper with a steaming hot cut of coffee. The whole day my drawing room seems to be the busiest room in the house.

Q 03:-
1) YOU: I don’t think it is tiring. It is very comfortable. I thing you should not miss it.
2) YOU: I don’t think that his show is boring. I think these shows are very informative and give current knowledge.
3) YOU: I don’t think so that all the time it is too noisy. During vacations only it is full of noise.
4) YOU: I don’t think it is wastage of time. I think combined studies is very helpful for good preparation.
5) YOU: I think you also go for morning walk on Sunday. Because it is very good for health.

Q 04:-
I) Extrovert are very social people.
II) They are doers and like to keep themselves busy.
III) They like to make a lot of friends.
IV) They take a lot of interest in arrange parties.
V) They likes all fund activities.
I) Introvert are very quiet people.
II) Most of them are good thinkers.
III) They are less social people.
IV) They take very little interest in social gathering.
V) They keep their ideas to themselves.

Q 05:
1) A person who travels is called TRAVELER.
2) A person who books tickets is called TRAVEL AGENT.
3) A person who arranges transport and accommodation is called TOUR OPERATORS.
4) A person who takes tourist to see interesting places is called TOURIST GUIDE.
5) A person who knows about the history geography and culture of the place is called TOURIST GUIDE.

Q 06:-
I was born in Lahore, the city of gardens and historical sights. Lahore is popularly known as the “Mughal Showcase” as it has some beautiful Mughal buildings such as, the Royal Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Garden and Tomb of Emperor Jahangir. Lahore is also one of the country’s important art, cultural and literary center. It has country’s most well-known educational institutions such as the Government College, F.C. College, and Lahore College for women. Lahore is also famous for its shopping Centre’s such as Anarkali and Liberty and has many interesting eating places.

Q 07:-
Sr.No= Words= Comparative= Superlative
1.= Smart= Smarter =Smartest
2.= Pretty= Prettier= Prettiest
3.= Small= Smaller= Smallest
4.= Busy= Busier= Busiest
5.= Cheap= Cheaper= Cheapest

Q 08:-
1) Just getting together, chat and listen to music over a Cup of tea or coffee.
2) Riaz was thinking if Tahir can spend the evening with me.
3) Yes Tahir does accept his invitation.
4) At the end they decided to go for a walk. Then going out for dinner after walk.
5) On Sunday evening.

Q # 9 – 10

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