Aiou Solved Assignment # 02 Code 221 Compulsory English


Q 1: Answer.
Mr. Usman is my best friend. He read in class 10th. He belongs to a nice family. His father is engineer. He is honest and mankind. He is about 16 years old; his height is about 5 feet. He is handsome. His skin color is fair white and his hair color is black he looks beautiful. He wears always clean dress. His face expression looks that he is brilliant boy.

Q 2: Answer.
List of correct words as under:-
1) Shelf
2) Curly
3) Extravagant.
4) Card Catalogue,
5) Fiction
6) Almanacs
7) Reference section
8) Call number
9) Fair
10) Oval

Q 3: Answer
Correct matching of Column B is as under:-
i) Politics,
ii) Computer
iii) Asian History
iv) Poetry
v) History

Q 4: Answer
Atlas: A book for maps or charts.
Call Number: indicating the book’s location in the library.
Back Issue: Old issue that was not resolved
Catalogue: a complete list of items
Periodicals: News Paper
Non Fiction: A writing which is based on facts.
Dewey Decimal System: A guide line list to call number
Card Catalogue: Card directory
Almanac: A calendar showing important dates.
Reference Section: Contains most used books.

Q 5: Answer
I) Brightness (Adjective) = Brighter
II) School (Two Nouns) = an institution for education – Academy
III) Make= Manufacture
IV) Confused (Noun) = lawlessness
V) Complete (Adverb) =

Q 6: Answer
i) Nabeel has won the prize, hasn’t he?
ii) Quaid-i-Azam is the founder of Pakistan, doesn’t he?
iii) Aslam does ot like to tell lies, Does he?
iv) They cannot speak any other language properly, can he?
v) We are going to watch movie tomorrow, aren’t?
vi) Naila had travelled to the northern areas of Pakistan, had he?
vii) Mehar would not buy new clothes for the party, would he?
viii) You are student of Quaid-e-Azam University, are not?
ix) Ali works in a private company, doesn’t he?
x) I can’t check your assignments. Can I?

Q 8: Answer
S.No Words Meanings Sentences
1 Marquee= Hotel= I stay at marquee last Sunday
2 Lodge=cottage= This is my lodge
3 Gust= Rush= The wind is gusting through big trees
4 Illustration= Example= Solve this illustration
5 Desire= Wish = This is my desire that I become a doctor.
6 Captor=Catch= I captor sparrow
7 Grief= Sadness= I feel grief when I lost my purse
8 Justify= Give= Reason I can justify that this is not my fault
9 Jury= Judges=I accept the Jury decision.

10 Mimic=Parody= I can do mimic of Shahzad Roy


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