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Q 04:
i) Smoking is injurious to health.
ii) I should like to see the latest fashion.
iii) Noise pollution is affecting the listening power of people
iv) I appreciate animated movies because it is the fun of artists.
v) Internet has bring the people closer globally.

Q 05:
i) A don’t agree. It is some better than other cities.
ii) I refute this statement. Fruits are also good for health like vegetables.
iii) Sorry dear, I will not clean my room today because I am busy.
iv) I negate it, this year winter was as cold as last year.
v) I deny because I am not at all responsible for all the mishap in the factory.

Q 06:
Taken an egg and broke it in a pot. Now stir it. Add salt and chili. Also mix the chopped vegetables. Put his mixture in a hot pan. Brow the mixture in the pan on fire. When properly prepared, serve in a dish.

Q 07:
A boy did not care of his health. The winter was approaching. In the end of September, he caught cold due to his carelessness. He was sneezing and coughing all the time. He went to the doctor. The doctor asked to deposit Rs. 300 for his thorough checkup. He refused and said that it was too much. So he did not take any treatment. At the start of January, he fell seriously sick and was taken to hospital on ambulance. He remained in the hospital till the end of February. When he was going to discharge he was issued a bill of Rs. 15000. He had to pay a huge amount for his own negligence.

Q 08:
When the winter came. The weather turned cold. All the food lying in the field was covered with a thick white blanket of snow that even the grasshopper could not dig through. Soon the grasshopper found itself dying of hunger the grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger. On the other hand the ants distributed every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer.
He staggered to ants hill and saw them handing out corn from the stores they had collected in the summer. He begged them for something to eat. “what!” cried the ants in surprise, “haven’t you stored anything away for the winter? What in the world were you doing all last summer?” I didn’t have time to store any food,” Complained the grasshopper; “ I was so busy playing music that before I knew it the summer was gone.”
The ants shook their heads in disgust, turned their backs on the grasshopper and went on with their work.
Then the Grasshopper knew: it is best to prepare for days of need.

Q 09:
i) The central theme of the article is atmospheric conditions.
ii) Astrologist can be the possible reader of the article.
iii) The atmosphere is the mixture of gas molecules and other materials surrounding the earth. The atmosphere is densest (thickest) at the bottom, near the Earth and gradually thins when you go higher.
iv) Writer wants to acquaint us about atmosphere.
v) Atmosphere.

Q 10:
i) A doctor: I want to be a doctor to cure the people of my nation.
ii) A television anchor person: I like television anchor because it will enable to interview the prestigious persons.
iii) A dress designer: I like to be a dress designer, as I like designing.
iv) A teacher: Teaching is my favorite profession due to its respect in the society.
v) An Engineer: I love engineering due to Technological and Scientific discovery.
vi) A Pilot: To become pilot is my dream since great people fly.
vii) An architect: When I see huge buildings, I trance to be an architect.
viii) A hairstylist: when I see the stupid cutting of people for this reason I make up mind to be a hairstylist.
ix) An actor: I wish to be an actor, as I have hidden talent of acting in myself.
x) A horticulturist: I shall become a horticulturist to work on my lands.

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