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Q # 01


I) I hope you will FORGIVE me for being late.
II) I would like to SAY SORRY for my bad behavior.
III) I am very SORRY that I am late but my alarm didn’t go off.
IV) Please accept my EXCUSE for being late.
V) An APOLOGIZE for me behavior yesterday. I should not treat you that way.
VI) EXCUSE me. Can I tell you something important?
VII) I am SORRY to trouble you but could you turn the music down.
VIII) EXCUSE me. I did not mean to bump into you.
IX) There is really no EXCUSE/WORDS for my behavior last week.
X) PLEASE FORGIVE me for my misbehavior too much was sad.

Q 02:-


i) Imran Khan is one of the most popular politicians in this country. PERHAPS there are even members of his own party who are uneasy with is approach.
ii) There are some slight variations in temperature, but FROM 26 to 27 C should be expected.
iii) The two main Channel Island, BUT jersey and Guernsey, are much closer to France than to England.
iv) It was announced that nurses, working hours would be increased by 25% HOWEVER, even fewer trainee nurses are expected to join the profession.
v) Sales of CDs have experienced a small but steady fall over the past 12 months, WHILE, vinyl records have seen increase in their share of the market, up to 1.7%.
vi) The Vice Chancellor explained that in light of the current financial climate and because of unexpected bad debts, it would be necessary to peg salary levels at their current level for all grades of staff. AT LEAST, no-one was getting a pay rise.
vii) It is clear, therefore, that the situation in Brazil will improve only slowly, SUCH the economics problems being experienced in Japan, the outlook is slightly more optimistic.
viii) In order to try to reduce car use in the inner cities, the government has announced new restrictions on company parking spaces and TAXES, BUT a new tax on individual car use.
ix) Essays must be handed in by the deadline, OTHERWISE they will not be marked.
x) THEREFORE it has been shown that fractures can occur at even relatively low pressures, the use of the material should not be completely discounted.

Q 03:-
i) DIE TO = She is not coming due to rain.
ii) AS = I like AIOU courses as they are very simple.
iii) FOR THIS REASON = AIOU courses are very simple for this reason I want o continue studying at AIOU.
iv) BECAUSE = I don’t like her because of bad behavior.
v) THEREFORE = he did not take interest in studies, therefore he is failed now.
vi) ON ACCOUNT OF = I was so puzzled in the class on account of not submitting my homework.
vii) SO THAT = I am going to sleep early tonight so that I can wake up early tomorrow.
viii) THAT’S WHY = Time is over that’s why I am going.
ix) SINCE = Since I work in the day time, studying through distance learning system allow me to study in my free time.
x) FOR THE REASON = My neighbors are very unpopular for the reason that they throw a lot of garbage in the street.

Q 04:-
i) We can save $$$$$$
ii) There are over 100 good reasons for shopping with us, the one reason is the new customers registered on the spot.
iii) 0512036589
iv) Earn 100’s of $$$’s with Argos.
v) Best in catering.
vi) For 3 weeks.

Q 05:-
i) CRICKET = I like cricket because it makes me feel free.
ii) SOCCER = I DON’T like soccer because it is very difficult game.
iii) PARAGLIDING = I dislike paragliding because it is very dangerous sometimes.
iv) WRESTLING = I like wresting. It is very atheistic game.
v) SKEWING = I don’t like skewing people due to insincerity.
vi) BOATING = I have too much afraid from boating, so I don’t like.
vii) HOCKEY = I like hockey because it is our national game.
viii) FOOTBALL = I don’t like football because it is very difficult game.
ix) GOLF = I like to play golf, because it’s very calm game.
x) CYCLING = I like cycling because it make me feel free.

Q 06:-
Right now I am sitting in drawing room. Everything is very arranged form because drawing room is also used for hold meetings and for guests. In mostly houses, people keep this room in very organized form. This room is also very comfortable, we can discuss any important matter over here and also use this room for lunch. In this room there are many precious paintings hanged on the wall and many sophisticated decoration pieces are present. This room is also source of get together and also source of peace, calm and relaxation.


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