Solved Assignment # 02 Code 386 Compulsory English


Q 01: Answer
Pen is used for writing and making records, some time these records resolve the disputes while sword is a weapon and used carefully. By pen we can explain our aims and change the life of human with writing power, while with sword we can only kill the man. By pen we can manage the life calmly while with sword we manage the people with power. Pen is more powerful because pen is symbol of knowledge and through knowledge Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) changes the life of man and makes a revolution in their life. This great and big change was not with sword. So we can say “Pen is more powerful than sword.

Q 3: Answer
We are a middle class family I was born in a small village near Jhelum. Among 3 children I was the young. My father is a small farmer. I got my primary education from the village primary school. It consisted of five rooms and three teachers. The teachers were sympathy and hardworking. As far as I bear in mind, I was really a brilliant student. I will never overlook the sweet memories of the simple, village life we ate “Saag” drank “Chati Lassi” and at noon, slept under big and shady trees.

That reminds me of tiny pranks. We played innocent games like Guli Danda , Bantay. In summers, we used to bather in the canal. Those were really golden days now, I am grown-up, but I still bear in mind the sweet, happy days, passed in the village.

Q 4: Answer:-
NURSING: Nursing is very noble profession of this modern age. In nursing we really help the man when they are in sad moments. In nursing we devote our days and nights for the helping of human. Some time with nice behavior the patient feel good and get better soon in this way we save their life. I think it is better carrier to become a helping person.
TEACHING: This is also a nice profession. A profession in which teacher delivers the knowledge to the nation. Teacher builds a nation for the future. The future of the nation lay down on the shoulder of a teacher. A teacher not only gives knowledge to the students but also make a man in real, so teaching is nice profession if you want to do something in life.
ENGINEERING: Pakistan is under developing country so it need skillful person. An engineer can invent so many things which can be used to make the life better. Engineers make roads, bridges, airplanes, weapons etc. Really for the development of Pakistan it needs engineers.
FARMING: Farming is also a nice profession, as Pakistan is facing the problem of meet and with farming we can resolve this problem. There are so many kinds of farming e.g poultry, animal farms, fish farms etc. It is the need of the day.

Q 5: Answer
Last Sunday my best friend “Ali” has his own birthday. Ali belongs to a rich family so he normally arranged some gathering of these moments. So this time he also arranges a birthday party and invite his best friends. The time for party was 7Pm so I reached at Ali home at 6.30Pm, because I want to help Ali in some work for party. When I reached over there I saw that many near relative of Ali was reached at Ali home. The entire things were ready for party. He has adorned the room with balloons and there were a nice and sweet cake. He also made arrangement for dinner. When all the relative and friends came he cut the cake then we all eat and enjoy and give prayers to Ali. After cutting the cake he invite us for dinner, dinner was really tasty we all enjoy. After dinner he gave us green tea that was also very hot and tasty. Now the time is about 9 pm so I get permission from Ali for home.

Q 6: Answer
1) Agree
2) Agree
3) Agree
4) Agree
5) Disagree

Q 7: Answer
1) When the doorbell rang, Sara opened the door and there stood a strange looking man with mysterious smile on his face, she look on him with shameful eyes and asked who are you, the stranger response that he was his cousin Mr. Ahmed who leaved Pakistan in his childhood. And now he came back to Pakistan.
2) On the …………………………. That his boss renews his contract because his boss find him very honest man and hard working. Boss was really satisfied with his job and find him responsible. Boss really knows that no man can do this job perfectly except Salim.
3) It was …………………………. Who is on the door, she asked, the stranger said I am your neighbor, to day I could not take any job for work and my babies are hungry, he requested for food for his children. Seema give him Roties and Salans for his babies. Seema is so happy to help the man.
4) The judge ………………….. Because Akram family has assured that Akram is bayguna. Akram was worker in a private company where someone kill to another worker but all the proofs go against the Akam that showed that he killed that man. But Akram said when he came to death point he saw that this man was already killed by some unknown person.

Q 8: Answer.
Get a news paper and cut some pieces of current Pakistani issues and past this cutting on your assignment.


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