Q 1 Answer:
i) Your advice will be acted upon by him.
ii) A brave man rescued the drowning child.
iii) By whom will his country be served with an utmost sense of devotion and commitment?
iv) Slogans were raised against the corrupt system by them.
v) Who was knocking at the door?
vi) Famous American novelist wrote the novel.
vii) Delicious meal is being prepared by my mother.
viii) Water has given to plants.
ix) The Police officer accused the murder.
x) By whom will from Barbarism saved the humanity.

Q 3: Answer
I) In my opinion, electricity is the need of the day.
II) In my opinion, water is necessary for human and growing fields so we save water.
III) In my opinion, because without cruelty police cannot get proper investigation.
IV) In my opinion, computers are being used in every field of life, so it is necessary to have known about computer.
V) In my opinion, English is international language, so we should have to learn it.
VI) In my opinion, as the number of females are more than males in Pakistan. So for the development of country females should have equal part for development.
VII) In my opinion, no country can get progress until it has good relation with neighbor.
VIII) In my opinion, because girls have more time for study than boys.
IX) In my opinion, due to lack of justice.
X) In my opinion, because Govt not come into force for serving the national, they come into force for looting the country.

Q 4: Answer
1) We tried to follow the direction, but due laziness we could not.
2) Last year I was so tired of working, because I visited Dubai for many visits.
3) The Khans have decided to move Lahore, because he thinks there are so many job opportunities.
4) I heard a noise downstairs and see that a boy is falling from roof.
5) My sister entered my room hurriedly, because she was lateing from college.
6) My telephone rang up in the middle of the night, and found that my friend was on the other side who is crying with pain.
7) I wanted to act upon your advice, as you always give me nice advices.
8) I broke a delicate crystal vase by mistake, as my feet slipped on the floor.
9) She could not help me in the hour of need, because she always shows her selfishness.
10) They were forced to leave their home town, because they have bad behavior.

Q 5: Answer
Now I am sixteen years old and read in class 10th. I remember that first day when I went to school that day I was so confused and feeling fear. I would not like to go to school because I could not live at school without my mother. I was really upset at that time, and often made so many Quenching for this I get first beating from my father at the age of seven years. I remember that my mother gave me Rs. 10 as pocket money, with the passage of time I made so many friends in school and now I always go to school with really happy behavior and last year when I passed my 9th class I was so astonished that I got first position in the class, that day was my happiest day of my life and this moment was celebrated by my whole family.

Q 7: Answer
First of all you must have sandwich maker, if you have sandwich maker then take one double Roti, half kg check, and other spicy materials, first of all boil chicken when it boiled mix this with spicy materials, then put this mixture into the slices of Double Roti then put filled slices of double roti into sandwich maker and close the parts of sandwich maker and switch on the sandwich maker the green light will on after some time when the sandwich will cooked red light will on then switch off the sandwich maker take sandwich out of it and present to the gust with ketchup.

Q 8: Answer
1) Information through print media.
2) A) paragraph one is about the newspaper reading as a very common activity.
B) Paragraph two is about the types of newspaper.
C) Paragraph three is about the purpose of newspaper.
3) Fortnightly=Two Weeks (Pandra Din)
Essence=spirit = Rooh
Recent= new = Mojooda
Beyond=past = Guzra hoowa.
Analyze=examine= Moshahida karna.

Q 9: Answer
Population of Pakistan is divided into two major parts one is living in urban and other part of population is living in rural area. Both have some pros and corns. Urban life is too busy and fast, but in urban areas the opportunities of jobs are more while rural life is slow and have less job opportunities. More people known each other in rural but less peoples know each other in urban areas. Rural life is healthy while the urban life is polluted and have less healthy. But we cannot say what life is better urban or rural but it depends upon your priorities.


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