Solved assignment 2 course code 438

Dear Students we are going to upload 2nd solved assignments for course code 438 principles of accounting. First assignment consists on units one to four while second assignment consists on units’ five to nine. These five units consists on about capital and revenue, correction of errors, income and expenditure accounts, cash and bank transactions, accounts of not profit organizations and complete accounts of partnership.

Unit No 5 has three parts one relate with capital and revenue, second relates with correction of error, and the third relates with Income and Expenditure accounts. In principles of accounting almost all topics are practical and used in routine work of business. Unit number six relates with cash and bank transactions, as cash is one of most important asset in business organization so special points are included in this topic for understanding of the students. Unit Number seven relates with transactions of nonprofit organization, an organization which has no object to earn profit in this students are guided that how these organization maintain their accounts. The last two units relates with partnership. In these two units basic concepts, documents, kinds of partners, advantages, disadvantages of partnership, partnership deed, are discussed.

Solved assignment code 438

Previously we have uploaded first solved assignment for this course code 438. And we are thankful to you for your appreciation of the first one. We recognize that your feedback is most important for us because keeping in view your comments or feedback we will improve our efforts. You can feedback us on [email protected]

Assignment 2 code 438 page 1 Assignment 2 code 438 page 2 Assignment 2 code 438 page 3 Assignment 2 code 438 page 4 Assignment 2 code 438 page 5 Assignment 2 code 438 page 6 Assignment 2 code 438 page 7 Assignment 2 code 438 page 8 Assignment 2 code 438 page 9 Assignment 2 code 438 page 10 Assignment 2 code 438 page 11 Assignment 2 code 438 page 12 Assignment 2 code 438 page 13 Assignment 2 code 438 page 14

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