Solved Assignment Code 386 Compulsory English.


Q 1: Answer
Five areas where we need improvement.
1) Planning to Study:-
Without planning we cannot do anything in this world. For example if you go to Lahore and you have not made any planning for Lahore tour then what you do over there, but if you have made for this tour you not only meet your object but also you save your time and money. So in study planning is also important. You should have complete planning that what point or topic you will have to learn on what time and on what day. If you have made complete planning from the begging you ultimately complete your assignments on time and study too.
2) Setting Goals:-
Second point a student should keep in mind. That without any object you cannot reach on the goal. Set your goal so that you reach on the right destination at right time. But goals that you set must be according to your skills must be realistic, flexible, and measurable.
3) Manage your time: You should manage your time so that planning goes in the same direction as you have made.
4) Enthusiasm: To achieve your goal you must have enthusiasm. Because this the real thing that motive you. In study it should be in you.
5) Refreshment:- Man is not a machine so he cannot do job, study, or work continually. If you take some refreshment it will increase your stamina and you study with interest.

Q 1: (B) Answer
Every man has some goal in mind for that he works so Quid –e-Azam also has goal that he will work for the Muslim of the subcontinent. Quid has strong confidence on his abilities that he will defeat the Hindu and British Govt. Quid was a realistic man, he could not make claim that are not realistic. Quid has flexibility but this was just for the Muslims. For this Quid do the work day and night for the freedom of Muslim in the subcontinent.

Q 2: Answer
There are two types of expressions one is formal and the other is informal.
FORMAL: Formal language we use for older persons and unknown persons.
INFORMAL: Informal language we use for Friends, same age people and much known persons.
Use the following language for
i) Formal
ii) Formal
iii) Formal
iv) Informal
v) Formal

Q 3: Answer
AOA sir, how about you sir, I really feel pleasure to meet me. Sir this is my family. They are My Father and My brother. Papa, he is my best teacher. Papa, sir teach us Math very nicely, he is Msc in Math, and he belongs with this profession from the last 15 years. He is one of the most senior teachers of my school. Papa sir teaching style is so nice, when he teach the math all the class students listen their period very carefully. Papa sir also like hockey and he is best player of hockey too but he give great tips to our school hockey team.

Q 4: Answer
i) Confiscated (take possession of). Last day I found card with my younger brother and I confiscated the cards.
ii) Coax (persuade) the trainees were coaxed into doing hard.
iii) Outcast (outsider) Sir this man is outcast.
iv) Content (satisfied) we are contented with our cricket team.
v) Observed (practical) Mr. Ali is observed man.

Q 5: Answer
May be I going= May be I go
Comes out=come out
Notes what=Notes what,
I can do=I can do,

Q 6: Answer
We paid a visit to the Tomb of Jahangir last week. A wonderful scene met our eyes, as we entered the main gate. A majestic marble building stood in the middle of a vast well kept garden. In it there were rows of Cyprus trees and beautiful flower beds. Fountains played in a tank as well as in the one foot deep and four feet wide canals running between the foot paths. We walked about for some time and then we entered the marble building to have a look at the grave of the great Moghal Emperor, Jahangir. We prayed for him before we came out. At every corner of this building stands a beautiful minaret. We went up one of these. We were surprised to see only three minarets of the Badshahi Masjid. We came down after a few minutes and returned home full of great praise for the wonderful skill of the Moghal engineers of the past.

Q 7: Answer
– Love=Hate
– Knowledge=Illiteracy
– Loyal=Treacherous
– Angel=Devil
– Truthfulness=Lying

Q 8: Answer:-
1) Dolphins are regarded as the friendliest creatures in the sea.
2) Dolphins are more kind than human.
3) Man can kill them more easily than they can kill us.
4) We discover about these remarkable creatures, the less we appear superior when we destroy them.
5) Dolphin’s life.


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