Q 01:
(1) When they do their home work?
(2) Who came to the party alone?
(3) Where is the shop?
(4) Which shawl do you like most, red or black?
(5) Why you don’t get up early in the morning?

Q 02:
Spokesman : A person who speaks for others officially.
Unidentified : Someone whose name we do not know.
Knifed : To stab with knife
Victim : Someone who suffers pain, hurt or death.
Slightly : Little: A bit
Injured : Hurt
Uniformed : Dressed which is weared by all member of group
Plaincloths : Wearing ordinary cloths on duty
Deployed : To play solidiers in a particular way for action
Residential : Part of a town consisting of private houses
To tracke down : To find someone or something or searching.
Eyewitness : A person who sees an event.
Assailant : An attacker.
Thrust : To push suddenly and with force.
Hail : To call out to someone


Q 03:
1) We had nice time on our picnic.
2) His behavior has been polite all day.
3) Today is a fine day
4) She is a great singer.
5) Her dress is superb.

Q 04:
Bapsi Sdhwa ( 1938 ) is an author of Pakistani orign who writes in Enghlish. Sidhwa was born to Zoroastrian parents Peshotan and Tehmina Bhandara in Karachi, Pakistan and later moved with her family to Lahore. She was two when she contracted polio (Which has affected her throughout her life) and nine at the time of the partition of the subcontinent (1947 ) (facts which would shape the character of “ Lenny” as we ll as the background for her novel Ice Cany man. She received her B.A From Kinnaird College for women in Lahore in 1957.

She married at the age of nineteen and moved to Mumbai, india for five years before she divorced and remarried in Lahore, Pakistan with her present husband Noshir who is al Zoroastrian. She had three children in Pakistan before beginning her career as author. She currently resides in Houston, USa. She describes herself as “Punjabi-parsi-Pakistani”.

2)              List of Award which received by Bapsi Sidhwa:-
(A) Bunting fellowship at Radcliffe/Harvard (1986).
(B) Visiting Scholar at the Rockefeller Foundation Canter, Bellagio, Italy, (1991).
(C) Sitara-i-Imtiaz, (1991, Pakistan’s highest national honor in the arts).
(D) Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest writer’s Award (1994).
(E) Inducted in the Zoroastrian Hall of Fame. (2000)
(F) Premio Mondello for Foreign Authors for Water (2007)

Q 05:

Disagreeing Expressions.
1) This is an absolutely incorrect statement.
2) Rubbish! These are just rumors.
3) Oh come on! You see changes everywhere.
4) You must be joking! Who has given you these false ideas?

Agrreement Expression:-
1) You are completely right that desertification is increasing.
2) Absolutely! Desertification has become the greatest threat to humanity.

Q 06:
Mr. IB : Have you switched off the gas?
Mrs IB : Yes, I’ve switched off the gas.
Mr. IB : Have you switched off the geyser?
Mrs IB : Yes, I’ve switched off the Geyser.
Mr. IB : Have you unplugged everything in the kitchen?
Mrs. IB : Yes I’ve unplugged everything in the kitchen.
Mr. IB : Have you shot off the fridge?
Mrs. IB : Yes I’ve shut off the fridge.
Mr IB : Have you locked the back door?
Mrs. IB : Yes I’ve shut and locked the back door.
Mr IB : Have you given anyone a spare key?
Mrs. IB : Yes I’ve left a spare key with Mrs Karim next door.
Mr. IB : Have you forgotten anything?
Mrs. IB : I hope not.

Q 07:
I : I am so excited to be one of the passengers taking this historic trip to Srinagar. Is this your first visit too.

PASSENGER: Yes. But unlike you I am not excited. Instead I am a little scared because I think it will not be possible to have a safe and smooth journey. (Impossibility).

I : I think it is quite possible that we may have quite a safe and smooth journey. (Possibility)

PASSENGER: You may be right but I think there is a possibility of attacks by some terrorists on the way. (Possibility).

I : It appears impossible to have such attacks on the way. I think it is possible that we may have a quite smooth journey. (Impossibility).

PASSENGER: I hope that we reach Srinagar safely and it is possible that I will meet my all relatives there Insh Allah. (Possibility)

I : Insha Allah we reach safely and it’s possible for me that I will enjoy my relative wedding ceremony there. (Possibility).

Q 08:
1. Ans: it might rain tomorrow.
2. Ans: A friend may visit me next weekend.
3. Ans: I may buy a new computer next month.
4. Ans: I might change my job next year.
5. Ans: I might not go to work tomorrow.

Q 09:
1% : Engage in role play or interactive exercises.
2% : Field trips.
6% : Felt competent at writing essays.
13% : Felt that their A-level or F.A/ course had prepared them well for university work.
16% : Used video and audio in their studies.
30% : Used extensive materials to supplement their understanding of the subject.
¾ : Felt that it had prepared them fairly well.
86% : Their teachers had been more influential in their development than the student’s own reading and thinking.


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