Q 01: Answer
(i) Who can help us?
(ii) Who has done his homework?
(iii) What is she doing?
(iv) What will be he ding tomorrow?
(v) What does she writes every day?
(vi) When did he miss the bus?
(vii) When will you go to see your uncle?
(viii) Who was playing football?
(ix) Who would help us?
(x) Who had been working since morning?

Q 02: Answer
(i) Maria is working for a TV Station.
(ii) At the moment she is travelling in Sahara Desert.
(iii) Ali loves wild animals.
(iv) He is not visiting Kashmir at the moment.
(v) Mariam is not living in Lahore.
(vi) She is staying in Islamabad at the moment.
(vii) My parents go to Murree every year.
(viii) My sister is walking to school every day.
(ix) We are having lunch now.
(x) My mother usually goes shopping on Saturday.

Q 03: Answer
(i) Ali has visited sixteen countries. Hasn’t he?
(ii) I was here early morning. Wasn’t I?
(iii) He doesn’t have six fingers in his left hand. Does he?
(iv) I have walked all the way from Murree to Islamabad. Haven’t I?
(v) Your phone number is 0301-4321212. Isn’t it?
(vi) The balance in your account is 70000. Isn’t it?
(vii) My mother prays five times a day. Doesn’t she?
(viii) She was not a house wife. Was she?
(ix) I am working in a bank now a day. Amn’t I?
(x) I would not have helped you even if I could. Would I?

Q 4: Answer
Bright Clear Dark
Heavy Weighty Light
New Fresh Old
Give Hand over Take
Easy Trouble Free Difficult

Q 5: Answer
(i) She has cooked the meal.
(ii) The professor has taught.
(iii) He has been going to school daily.
(iv) Mr. Ali has gone to bank.
(v) I have written a letter.
(vi) She has watched the kids.
(vii) You have taught him for hours.
(viii) He has gone to the dentist
(ix) Tom has read the book.
(x) He has gone to mosque as usual.

Q 6: Answer
(i) No doubt, Pakistanis are good hosts. (Agree Strongly)
(ii) Perhaps, Ali may be a good player. (Agree in Parts)
(iii) I am unable to do the laundry tonight? (Disagree)
(iv) Not at all, all students are not disrespectful (Disagree strongly)
(v) Obviously, exercise is good for health (Agree)

Q 7: Answer
(i) I may pass the exam. = I might not get position in annual exam.
(ii) I may get the job  =  I might not be given reasonable salary.
(iii) I may go to Murree next week.  =  I might not be able to buy a car.
(iv) I may have more money.  = I might not see my ……….. next week.
(v) I may get rid of problems next year. =  I might not be able to fulfill the wishes of my father.

Q 8: Answer
(i) I must be easy.
(ii) Ali should go to dentist.
(iii) Maria must use Burnol.
(iv) You might hire taxi.
(v) She can take the help of traffic police.


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