Aiou Solved Assignment Code 221 Compulsory English


Q 1: Answer
1) One kilo apple,
2) One book
3) Two kilo mangoes.
4) Four liter cooking oil
5) One kilo cake
6) One bottle juice
7) One kilo thread
8) Six meter cloth
9) One cold drink
10) One dozen orange

Q 2: Answer
1) Material noun.
2) Kilo
3) Please give me two kilo cooking oil.
4) Formal
5) There is much milk in the pot.
6) Islamabad is proper noun.
7) Market is common noun.
8) Delicate is a verb.
9) Ali and Sara are nouns.
10) Diary is a proper noun.

Q 3: Answer
Following are the functions.
1) Requesting
2) Ordering
3) Suggesting
4) Advising
5) Asking.

Q 4: Answer
House # 258,
Canal Park,
26th March, 2013.
Dear Daughter,
Hope you would be fine and enjoying good health. I received your letter yesterday and find that you are shifting from this hostel to in another hostel. Dear Daughter, pack your luggage carefully for this you can take help from Saira because she is so nice girl. When you take the rickshaw please note its registration number, Take with you saira if possible because she will really help you in new hostel to set the goods. Leave this hostel after paying all the dues. Keep your contacts with the roommate of old hostel because this is your moral responsibility.

Dear Daughter when you settle in new hostel please inform me and pay your full attention to your study.

Your father

Q 6: Answer
1) Aleem is suffering from Typhoid. (Effect)
1) Aleem is suffering from Typhoid because he could not get check up from the qualified Doctor (Cause)
2) Sarah Feels Stomach. (Effect)
Sarah feels stomach because she eat some bad foods (Cause)
3) Ahmed has some family issues. (Cause)
So Ahmed is not pay full attention to his job. (Effect)
4) Asif does not know how to speak French. (Cause)
Therefore he does not understand the French visitors. (Effect)
5) Sadaf is mentally disturbed. (Effect)
Because her family is in trouble. (Cause)

Q 7: Answer
Fill in the blanks (Put the following words in each sentence as mentioned below)
i) Like
ii) Therefore
iii) Because
iv) Since
v) As
vi) Some
vii) Any
viii) If
ix) Much
x) Therefore



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