Urdu played very important role during the movement for Pakistan. It is our great responsibility to speak, read, and learn the Urdu. Literature plays very important role in our daily life. It gives courage to us in difficult time. We think that the need to understand the literature is not as before.

This course code 364 like previous one course code 363 Urdu One consists on nine units covering the main topics of Essay, fiction, personality cryptography, Tanzo mazah, Ghazals, and poems.

Dear students we would like to advice you that your basic purpose of life must be to get education. Because it is our responsibility to get education if we want that the name of Pakistan must be on the top of the list of developed countries. Education is the only and only one way to get rid from all the problems, because uneducated population creates so many problems in the society. You are seeing now a day there are so many bad habits in which our youth is involved. And we can save our youth from these bads only through education.

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