Dear students we have made a program to introduce some top universities of the world which are playing great role in different fields of education. So today we are going to introduce first university which has top position in world.


THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES (UCLA), and this university is public research university and is located in the city of “Westwood” which is nearby to Los Anglos. This became the southern branch of University of California in 1919. This is oldest branch of California University. And the university is offering more than 337 different courses to the students. The number of students is more than 42000 in one semester and this is the biggest number of student’s admission in California. At the moment 5 graduate colleges, 7 professional schools, and 4 professional health sciences schools are affiliated with the university.

Under the auspicious leadership of President William Wallace Campbell the southern branch made expansion of 25 acre in mid 1920. UCLA in the first 32 years of its establishment it was treated as co department of University of California and it was managing by the provost and reported directly to the main campus in Berkeley. Later one in 1951 UCLA was given equal status with University of California and was managing by the chancellor. Mr. Rymond B.Allen was the first chancellor. But we cannot move toward without the name of Mr. Franklin David Murphy under whose leadership university made tremendous progress in providing the facilities and faculty.

Today’s University is very appreciable because now it is consisting of 163 buildings in the area of 419 acres, which is approximately 1.7km2 and is second smallest campus out of ten University of California campuses. The original building was designed by a well known firm Allison & Allison. The whole campus is divided in to two major parts one is called North campus and second is called South Campus. North campus is original campus and has core position. Building looks old fashioned. The North Campus has the following major departments, naming arts, humanities, social sciences, law including business programs, while the South campus has the following departments naming physical sciences, life sciences, engineering, math, and health sciences.

University has wide parking spaces where almost 24000 vehicles can park. The University has award winning transportation system.

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