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University of Cambridge is a public research university, situated in Cambridge, U.K and established in 1209. In the English speaking world Cambridge University is the second oldest university and fourth oldest university of the world. The university is consisted on 31 constituent colleges, more than 100 educational departments and administered in to 6 schools. The colleges are governed or administered by self and considered as internal part of the university. Students get education through lectures and laboratory settings which are managed by the university departments. There are more than 15 million books in the library out of these 15 million books 8 million books relate with the university. University has also its own press, which is oldest publishing house and has second largest position in the world. University has always keep nice position in world educational ranking. Cambridge University is very famous due to its old students getting awards especially in mathematics, science, and politics including 90 Nobel laureates.

The university was founded by the intellectuals of Oxford University in the year 1209. A well known scientist Sir Isaac Newton was the student of this university. The students who were studying arts it was made compulsory to pass the mathematics to get the undergraduates degree. From the time of Isaac Newton to the later 19th century university pay special attention on applied mathematics, mainly mathematical physics. The exam for this purpose was called as tripos, the students who pas this exam in first class termed as wranglers and toppers called Senior Wrangler.

Parliamentary Representation.
Cambridge University was one of the eight Universities of England which holds seat in parliament of the Great Britannia and this status was created by Royal Charter of 1603 and nominated two members for parliament in 1950 under the representation of people act 1948.
Women’s Education.
Initially male students were eligible to get admission in the university. For the education of women first college was established Girton College in 1869. The first women students gave the exam in 1882, in 1921 women were granted diplomas with the title of Degree of Bachelor of Art, but notable that women student was fully allowed to give exam in 1948.

Myths, Legends & Traditions
As University has long history, so it has many myths and legends, however many are untrue.

University has central position in the city of Cambridge, and has significant proportion of students, approximately 20% of the city population.

University has self Governing body that is called University Council which has principal executive position that managed all activities of the University though different checks and balances that directly reports to the Regent House. While to manage academic and educational activities the General Board of Faculty is responsible.


Students are required to submit their applications through UCAS before the end of deadline, normally the deadline.


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