By the combining of two schools Tokyo Kaisei School and Tokyo Medical School the University of Tokyo came in to being. Initially four faculties are arranged for law, medicine, science, and letters. The classes for law, science and letters were arranged in the locality of Kanda, while the classes of medicine were arranged in Hongo city. After this the Tokyo University keep continue process to get joining of other schools having different but specialized fields so that the number of faculty can be increased, the name of schools that get joining were Imperial College of Engineering and Tokyo School of Agriculture and forestry. Currently the Tokyo University name is National University Corporation.


At the moment university is consisting of 10 faculties, eleven affiliated research institutes and fifteen graduate schools including three affiliated libraries. Tokyo University or National University Corporation has major three campuses in three different areas of Hongo, Komaba and Kashiwa and these three campuses are educating the peoples throughout the Japan.

As the world competition is being increased Tokyo University firmly established top position in the world with complete responsibility. The university is being administered through wide and effective system of councils like, President Council, administrative council, education and research council, executive members & Advisory staff, and board of directors.

University is providing different facilities to their students, faculty members and staff. University has its own Hospital, swimming pools, libraries, conference hall, gyms, sports grounds, athelitic facilities and museum.
The basic aim of university is to provide top class site or place for education and research to the human knowledge with the partnership of other well known universities of the globe.

Admission interesting students can apply through form which can be download from the website but before applying students are required to study the application guidelines, the application process consists of six steps.

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